An Above Average Comic…

When Laurel and I encountered the empty nest, we resolved to still eat meals at our table and to do things together. One of those things became the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. I know — that sounds pretty boring, right? Stay with me here. As an incentive to complete the crossword, we rewarded ourselves with the Jumble. As an incentive to complete the Jumble, we rewarded ourselves with reading the funnies.

It was then we noticed something. The funnies in the newspaper just weren’t funny.

I had all but given up on laughing at comics, until a few months ago, when Drew Stodart started writing them.

They are great — relatable and comical. 

You can read a few here:

Today, I received my own copy of his first book. It’s great stuff, and would make a great gift for a friend.

I got mine on Amazon!

Deprogramming for Emotional and Spiritual Health

Smartphones have apps on them — computer programs that accomplish tasks and effect performance. Any app that is on the phone changes the phone — some for the better, some for the worse.

Materialism App

We’re like that phone. We live in a world system that offers us apps that influence us. In fact, whether we install the apps into our lives or not, we can’t deny their influence. Perhaps some of the apps come bundled into our lives as the sinful nature. Others are ones that come without warning. Still, others, are ones we foolishly install without first determining how safe they really are.

This podcast suggest three apps we might have in our lives that, if we are going to be emotionally and spiritually healthy, must be removed.

How to Grow Spiritually

Presented 4.28.2013

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to be an adult? Now, as an adult, I sometimes wish I could go back to those carefree days of childhood.

But besides the fact that I can’t go back, I know I couldn’t stand to go back. Growing is a good thing. Maturing is what we are supposed to do. And we all know men and women who never grew up, right? That’s not pleasant.

Spiritually speaking, the Bible warns us not to remain immature. God wants us to grow up, spiritually.

This podcast speaks of how we can grow up — mature — spiritually speaking, by borrowing and elaborating on Bill Bright’s Five Principles for Growth.