Google Ads Disclaimer

I am sure that you’ve noticed that I have Google Ads on my site. You know how they work, right? The computer at Google scans my site. Then it matches ads to the words it finds.

This can be good and this can be bad. It can be good, in the sense that in a decade or so, I may actually make enough money to pay for the web hosting at ShieldsGroup. It can be bad in that I have little control over the ads google places on my site.

If I write a post about dating, google may place an ad that says, “Meet hot singles….” If I post some political humor, it may place an ad about a political figure I don’t like. Not long ago it was placing ads concerning the rapture on posts that had nothing to do with eschatology. But one of the strangest placements of ads happened today when it did the following:

Some Ads fed to my site by Google

I know it’s blurry. That’s because I don’t know the policy on copying ads, but you can see, despite the blurriness, that these ads have little to do with the post, which is here.

As you might expect, with this in mind, ShieldsGroup takes no credit for ad content and doesn’t stand behind the ads Google may serve you while you are here.