ShieldsGroup Seminars

ShieldsGroup has developed a number of seminars for your group or church family. They include:

  • Seven sessions on Finding Courage to Cope — Coping with Choices, Sin, Ministry Fears, Stress, Job Troubles, Serving God, Loneliness, Aging and Death (by Laurel)
  • Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Problems — a variety of studies in Proverbs (by Laurel)
  • A variety of sermons on Keys to Joy from Philippians (by Steve)
  • A variety of sessions on Building a Home that will Last (by Laurel)
  • Five Sermons on Making Sense of the Problems You Face (by Steve)
  • Real Relationships — A variety of sessions on relationships, from friendship to parenthood (by Laurel)
  • Six Sermons on Handling Today’s Busy Schedules (by Steve)
  • Five Signs of a Healthy Family (by Laurel)

Because we are active in our own church, we can only do one or two of these annually on our own time. If you’re interested in having Steve and/or Laurel come and speak to your group, drop us an email at the email address below. Thanks!