Deprogramming for Emotional and Spiritual Health

Smartphones have apps on them — computer programs that accomplish tasks and effect performance. Any app that is on the phone changes the phone — some for the better, some for the worse.

Materialism App

We’re like that phone. We live in a world system that offers us apps that influence us. In fact, whether we install the apps into our lives or not, we can’t deny their influence. Perhaps some of the apps come bundled into our lives as the sinful nature. Others are ones that come without warning. Still, others, are ones we foolishly install without first determining how safe they really are.

This podcast suggest three apps we might have in our lives that, if we are going to be emotionally and spiritually healthy, must be removed.

The Blunder of Personal Blindness

The Scottish poet, Robert Burns, was once sitting in church doing what many of us do — eyeing the congregants rather than listening to the sermon. In this instance, Robert experienced a lesson beyond that which was being presented from the pulpit.

Jeany, a woman wearing a beautiful bonnet, was seated in front of him. Naturally, she was pleased to be dressed in such a fine head-covering. In a sort of perky manner, drawing attention to herself, she flipped her head around so everyone would see the bonnet.

What she didn’t know was that… Continue reading