How to Grow Spiritually

Presented 4.28.2013

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to be an adult? Now, as an adult, I sometimes wish I could go back to those carefree days of childhood.

But besides the fact that I can’t go back, I know I couldn’t stand to go back. Growing is a good thing. Maturing is what we are supposed to do. And we all know men and women who never grew up, right? That’s not pleasant.

Spiritually speaking, the Bible warns us not to remain immature. God wants us to grow up, spiritually.

This podcast speaks of how we can grow up — mature — spiritually speaking, by borrowing and elaborating on Bill Bright’s Five Principles for Growth.


How can I find hope at Christmas?

There’s a dark side to Christmas. It’s not recorded in Matthew or Mark or Luke. John doesn’t cover it in his gospel account, but when John was in heaven, he saw it. And he recorded it for us in Revelation 12:1-5.

We don’t talk about that side of Christmas too often, but we should. We should because unless there is a cost there is little reason for appreciation. You appreciate that which comes with a cost.

When you realize the cost, you appreciate the sacrifice. And you have great reason to rejoice. And that celebration — like a touchdown in the middle of a football game — can spark hope and purpose for the future.

This podcast explains the end-zone dance done outside of Bethlehem by a host of heaven’s angels, giving us hope and purpose.

Is Unconditional Acceptance Realistic?

Generally, when people talk about love and marriage one of the deeper concepts they address is that of unconditional acceptance — that a husband or wife should accept one another regardless. Generally, this is seen as a deep kind of love, supposedly reflective of the love that God has for us.

But there is a deeper love that brings a greater level of satisfaction in marriage.

To discover this love, take a listen to this podcast on Finding Satisfaction in Marriage.