Jesus Tears Down the Wall of Hostility

How would your life be different if there were no Jesus? If you’re a Christian, you know that the answer to that question is sobering. If you’re not a Christian, your life would be very different if there were no Jesus — you probably just aren’t aware of it.

If you lived in Ephesus 2000 years ago, and you heard the news — that God’s Son had come to die for us and forgive those who place their faith in Him — you knew that Jesus made all the difference in the world.

In Ephesians 2:11-22, the Apostle Paul speaks to the people of Ephesus, explaining to them that they are now part of God’s family. “The dividing wall of hostility” has been removed.

This podcast  reminds us of the difference Christ makes in our lives and, at the end, this podcast invites you to experience that difference firsthand.