Cold Plagiarism? Take a listen here…

Reuters reports that Joe Satriani is accusing Cold Play of plagiarism on their landmark tune.  Read it here:

Satriani’s tune is here:

At about 50 seconds in, you would think it was a cover of Cold Play.

A direct comparison is here:

Not sure it’s pure plagiarism.

That progression in music is very common. Check this:

Whatcha think?

This Side of Glory…

The Author of the Story

from “Mr Buechner’s Dream,” the album

Words by Terry Scott Taylor

She had one foot on the ground
And one foot in the air
(it seemed) the world held her cold hand
While the angels brushed her hair

“but that’s how it has to end
On this side of glory,
Some wounds will never mend,”
Says the author of the story

I held one hand in the fire
And lifted one hand towards the sky
But the busy world still turned
And the angels passed me by

Sometimes there seems to be
No author of the story
These thoughts occur to me
On this side of glory

And I kissed the Lamb of God
And my fingers found the wounds
And the angels moved the stone
And I searched the vacant room

A Message from Dad…

I kind of put off doing a post on Larry Norman after hearing of his death. I did so because it was hard to know what to write. I really loved that guy — for all his talent, his weirdness, and his radical nature. He’s always been a great picture of God’s grace in our lives as through Larry’s human struggles, God still manifested himself.

To me, part of his appeal was how raw his music was. Larry didn’t care if every note was right. He just wanted to place the music out there and let the people respond as they would. Some of my best friends laughed when I played Born to be Unlucky, but I loved it, because I appreciated it’s rawness. (Is that a word?) Continue reading