Headers for WordPress TwentyEleven Theme from England

Looking for unique headers for your WordPress Blog?

The headers placed on ShieldsGroup.com in August 2011 are from some pictures Laurel and I took when we were in the UK. Most are from London. They are all sized correctly and available for your use.

If you would like them, say so in a comment here and I will make them available to you.

Naturally, the headers provided to you will be without the watermark.

The Many Faces of London

Today was a shopping day.

I can’t think of much more boring than shopping, except maybe watching paint dry — from a distance.

Esther, of course, is keenly aware of this, so she made it her purpose to entertain me. We did it, mostly, by making faces.

I can hear it now:

“So Esther, what did you do in London?”

“Made faces with my dad.”

Visiting Esther…

It’s important that you know that I know that Esther is the blogger. So if you want to read some good writing about London, visit her site at estherlyn.shieldsgroup.com.

I, on the other hand simply like how WordPress handles pictures. So enjoy some images of the three of us(and sometimes four of us) horsing around in London.