Transitions at the Cross: From Foe to Friend

I looked in the cupboard this week and saw that our Easter Bunny had bought the Candy-coated Milk Chocolate Eggs. They are making their procession from Hershey to the grocery store to our cupboard to the Easter Basket. The Shields family is heading quickly toward Easter.

You and I are doing something similar. We’re not stocking up on chocolate bunnies here at church, but we are progressing from Sunday to Sunday on our way to Resurrection Sunday. And as we travel this road, we are giving thought to some transitions brought about by the Cross of Christ. We’ve talked about the transitions from…

  • Fear to Freedom.
  • Remembering to Rejoicing.
  • And Impossibilities to Realities.

In this podcast, I talk about the Transition from Foe to Friend. It’s the Cross of Christ that makes this transition possible.

An Easter Sermon – Are You Still in the Tomb?

As a pastor, I see many people who are unhappy: some who I interact with in my hometown; some who visit my church; some who regularly attend my church. Just go read some random posts on social networking sites and you can see it. Many people are desperately unhappy.

Most often their unhappiness is linked to the darkness they expose themselves to. It grieves me how many people seem to either live in darkness or play with it.

The Bible teaches that Jesus is the Light of the World. It teaches that he can bring light to your life. If you’re wondering how that can happen, check out this sermon.

Download the mp3 here or stream the mp3 here.

Sermon notes are available by request.