Celebrating Todays by Recalling Yesterdays…

I often say that I am a nostalgist. There’s no such word, but there should be.* I like to think of the past and remember it, happy or sad. Sometimes people avoid thinking about the past because the memories are filled with pain. Other times people don’t let their minds go there because when placed beside the past, the present feels pretty lame.

For the redeemed, there are parts of the past that we’d rather forget. Having opened the eyes of our hearts to the hope to which we’ve been called, we see our past lives for what they were — and some of those memories are not ones we hold fondly. Yet, in Ephesians 2, the text recalls our past — a past that isn’t so pretty.


The answer is that thinking back to who you were and contrasting it with who God has made you, evokes appreciation in your heart and life.

This Communion Service podcast encourages us to look back at our past so we can appreciate what God’s done in our lives.

*I’ve recently been made aware there is such a word as nostalgist. Thanks Allen. 🙂


At our church, we’ve just passed the one year marker of a change — a change to Today’s Worship. As I was speaking through Ephesians, I noted that the words Paul said to the saints in Ephesus were applicable to our church, Curwensville Alliance.

One of the Worship Team members, Rusty, agreed to paraphrase Paul’s words. They follow.

Dear Curwensville Alliance Church family,

Ever since I heard about your church’s leap of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and your love for all your fellow saints, I have not stopped giving thanks and praying for your continued success.

Constantly, I ask God to give you the wisdom to find the best way to praise and know Him better.

I have also prayed that everyone’s heart may be enlightened to know God’s place for them, the impact it will have on other’s understanding of His grace, and his amazing love and strength that flows through all of His people.

Let God’s strength surge through the church as it did for Christ who saved the world by his death and resurrection in order that His praises may continue to be sung today as well as the future.

God put all of us where we are to help His church grow so that the whole world will know, love and praise Him.

Congratulations on your efforts and may the Lord continue to shine His love on all of you.

Always in love,


God’s done amazing things at Curwensville Alliance. This podcast, taken from the early, traditional service, speaks of his work in today’s Church. If you’re interested to hear the kinds of changes God loves, take a listen.

2008 Back to School Sermon…

One of my favorite things to do is to travel. If I were not called to preach, I’d probably want to be an over-the-road trucker. Or a tour guide for some exotic travel agency. It’s because I get bored easily and love experiencing new things. ADHD.

It’s good to travel because exposing your mind to other cultures is a powerful way to grow personally. When you travel, you learn that American culture is filled with myths. We like to think we’re above other cultures with their primitive beliefs, but we have them too.

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