Mahaffey Camp Cottages

Looking for Cottages for Sale at Mahaffey Camp?

About 25 years ago, Laurel and I borrowed money from my parents and invested it in our family by buying a cottage at Mahaffey Camp. Our children, Tim and Esther, wore out their sneakers running around THEIR Camp. The spiritual enrichment they received was priceless. They made life-changing decisions for Christ in those years. Laurel and I agree, it was one of the best investments we ever made in our children’s lives.

Every year at Mahaffey Camp, someone is faced with the difficult decision to sell their cottage. I resolved, years ago, to help these people by providing a web site where there cottages could be listed for sale. Additionally, this helps people who find themselves where Laurel and I were years ago – looking for a way to invest in the spiritual development of their family.

Dozens of cottages have changed hands through the years. And dozens of new cottage-owning families have been blessed at Mahaffey Camp.

If you are interested in listing a cottage located at Mahaffey Camp for sale here, please read How to List a Cottage.

If you are interested in learning about purchasing a cottage located at Mahaffey Camp, please read About Purchasing.