Protecting your spirit from Identity Theft…

I think that sometimes we forget who we are. When I get a migraine, sometimes I say and do things I would otherwise not do. Afterward, I say to my wife, “Man – I really was not myself. I am not sure who I was, but I wasn’t myself.”

You hear people in sports say this sometimes. They have a bad showing on the field and they say, “We let ourselves down today by playing poorly. We forgot who we were.”

You hear Christians say this sometimes. “I forgot myself and I behaved poorly.” I spoke to a young woman once who, during her post-teen years, had done things she was very ashamed of. She had been raised in a Christ-honoring environment, saved — opened her own heart to receive Christ — years earlier. But along the way, she let herself drift from who she had become in Christ. She said to me, “I kind of forgot who I was.”

I believe that one of the most damaging tactics the enemy – Satan – has is to cause you to forget what Christ has done in your life.

This podcast reveals some of Satan’s tactics and offers steps to avoiding the loss of our realization of our identity in Christ.