Learning to Ask for Help Now – Prep 4 the Big 1


In 2008, John Stumbo experienced what most would call The Big One. John was a long distance runner, even doing ultra-marathons. He was a mountain climber, often on Mount Hood. He was a cyclist – a healthy guy. He never spent a day in the hospital.

And then The Big One hit when he was 47 years of age. On October 18, 2008, he went for a short run — just 10 miles. He noticed that day that he had a rash on his body. Next day, he felt like he was getting the flu. In a short time he could not bend his arm to brush his teeth due to the swelling. In about a week’s time, he had lost his ability to drive. He couldn’t move his legs, even from the gas to the brake. Whatever was hitting him was hitting him hard and fast.

One of his last conscious memories was a doctor with a chart in his hand saying, “I’ve never seen anyone with such low levels of sodium who is still alive!” His whole system was shutting down. Over the course of time, his wife was called into the room numerous times, because they were sure he was dying. As he regained some strength, it was evident that whatever attacked him attacked his muscular system from head to toe. Unable to eat, drink — for months. He couldn’t swallow his own saliva. That was just the beginning of his journey. You can read about the rest of it in his book, An Honest Look at a Mysterious Journey.

When you think of that stretch of highway along Dr. Stumbo’s journey, eventually, you ask yourself the question: What if that happened to me? What will I do when the big one hits me?

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Stumbo addressed that issue in a blog for Alliance pastors and international workers. What will you do when the big one hits? In his blog post, Dr. Stumbo gave seven pieces of counsel that apply to us all in being prepared for the future.

This podcast is the first of seven messages revolving around those seven ideas. We’re looking at being prepared for the Big One — not by stock-piling food, but by learning to prepare our souls.

I hope you’ll follow each message and that God will use them to strengthen you for whatever the future holds.


If racing against mere men makes you tired, how will you race against horses? If you stumble and fall on open ground, what will you do in the thickets near the Jordan? — Jeremiah 15:12 NLT
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