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SOLVED: How to Download a Podcast on your iPod without a computer

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

How can you get podcasts on your iPod without a computer?

This is possible, and it’s not hard at all.

  1. Open iTunes on your iPod.
  2. Select Podcasts.
  3. Search for the podcast you wish to follow, e.g. “shieldsgroup” or “curwensville alliance” (minus the “” marks).
  4. When the search results come up, select the feed you wish to receive.
  5. Choose the episode you want, perhaps the most recent, by either pressing the down-arrow on the right (to download it for later) or the episode name (to stream it right now).

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

SOLVED: JuiceDefender Toggle Mobile Data Widget Stopped Working

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The last time Verizon updated my Android, the Mobile Data Widget stopped functioning.

JuiceDefender tech support told people to remove the JuiceDefender.backup file in the download folder on the SD card, and then to install the latest beta of JuiceDefender. What I was doing was uninstalling JuiceDefender first, and then when I looked for the backup, it was nowhere to be found. Still – they were right. The culprit was the JuiceDefender.backup file. I just couldn’t delete it because the uninstall deletes it for you.

What I didn’t think of was that Google holds the file in the cloud. When I reinstalled any version of JuiceDefender, the corrupted backup was restored to the folder and the problem persisted.

The solution was simple.

  1. I reinstalled the beta and did not run the app. The reinstall pulled the backup file from the cloud to my SD card.
  2. I navigated to the download folder on my SD card (Sure enough, it was over a week old — about as old as this problem) and deleted the JuiceDefender.backup file. This action evidently deleted it from the cloud.
  3. I uninstalled JuiceDefender and rebooted (power down and back up) the phone.
  4. I reinstalled JuiceDefender.

I can now turn data off and on via the JuiceDefender “Toggle mobile data” widget.