How to List a Cottage

This site does not list travel trailers and RVs, but only permanent structures, e.g. cottages, house trailers, and chalets, for sale at Mahaffey Camp. Travel trailers and RVs will not be listed.

If you would like to list a cottage located at Mahaffey Camp for sale, please email one picture of your cottage, to Steve Shields at the email address below.  In addition to giving the cottage number, you might give consideration to including the location, description, and asking price.  Also be sure to include your contact information.  The information you send will be posted on the site, unless it is deemed inappropriate.  If you don’t want something on the web site, then don’t send it.

Since there is no charge for this service, there are no guarantees regarding the listing.

When your cottage has sold, please notify us so we can remove it from the site.

By emailing information concerning your cottage you are indicating agreement with the Terms of Service.