Evernote vs Google Keep

A review of Google Keep? A review of Evernote?


This is a simple post about why I don’t use Google Keep and you might want to consider avoiding it as well.

It has to do with this list:

  • cemetaryiGoogle
  • Google Reader
  • Google Buzz
  • Google Wave
  • Google Video
  • Google Desktop
  • Picasa for Linux
  • Google Notebook
  • Google Sync for BlackBerry
  • Google Latitude

What do these have in common? Google killed them.

Now, imagine having a bunch of stuff you want to KEEP in Google Keep, and “in keeping” with their new pattern, they kill it.

Evernote has been around for over five years. Do you think Google Keep will be around then? Hmmm… Possibly. If Google draws away all their users. I hope not.

I am keeping my data with Evernote.