Eleven Books by Dr. Charles Shepson...

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From My Grieving Heart to Yours

Devotions to uplift one  who has lost a spouse [more]

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How to Know God's Will

Divine direction for the road map of life  [more]

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Hidden Manna

Devotions to assist the caregiver  [more]

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Hidden Manna for the Caregiver

Devotions for the caregiver  [more]

Hidden Manna for the Hungry Heart

100 devotionals of inspiring text [more]

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How to Rise Above Depression

Practical lessons inherent in God's dealings with Elijah  [more]

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Quiet Miracles

True stories of God's guidance, provision, and care  [more]

Quiet Miracles II

More true stories of God's guidance, provision, and care [more]

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Quiet Miracles III

More true stories of God's guidance, provision, and care  [more]

The Ultimate Intimacy

Drawing Close to God [more]

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A Heart for Imbabura
(Unavailable - Out of print)

The life story of Evelyn Rychner  [more]


Dr. Charles Shepson has served almost fifty years as pastor, conference speaker and counselor.  He is the founder of Fairhaven Ministries, a counseling and retreat center in Tennessee, and the founding director of Fairhaven Ministries Association of Canada.  His preaching ministry has taken him to fifty-two countries.  He and his wife, Colleen, make their home in Fort Myers, Florida.

Dr. Shepson makes these books available here so that his experiences with God might be a blessing to you.

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